WG Evaluations has a successful track record of providing the detailed Evaluations related to your H1b CAP/Transfer/Amendment/Extension petitions in regards to Speciality occupation Queries. We have number of cheerful clients who appreciates our work every single day. We provide approximately 4,000 Evaluations every month which include Expert Opinion letters, Technical Course mapping documents, education /Experience Evaluations for well-known Law firms, renowned Corporations, Academic Institutions and individual clients.

With adding New Clients every month our mission is to ensure that our client’s American dream is alive and prosper in their respective fields.

Services Offered :
  • Specialty Occupation Expert Opinion Letters for H1B Visa
  • Educational equivalency evaluation services
  • Work Experience evaluations
  • Technical Course mappings
  • Translations of diplomas, transcripts, and other foreign language documents.
We understand how important it is to maintain H-1b Visa and to provide uninterrupted services to your clients.

As you know, Approval of H1b Visa for specialty occupation is very challenging despite the Position and the consultant skills are directly related. Over the last several years, the USCIS has been interpreting the specialty occupation requirement more and more narrowly. As a consequence, USCIS has made it mandatory to provide documentation which meets one of the following criteria to qualify as a specialty occupation:

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree or its equivalent is normally the minimum entry requirement for the position
  • The degree requirement for the job is common to the industry or the job is so complex or unique that it can be performed only by an individual with a degree
  • The employer normally requires a degree or its equivalent for the position
  • The nature of the specific duties is so specialized and complex that the knowledge required to perform the duties is usually associated with the attainment of a bachelor’s or higher degree.*
WG Evaluation Standards :

Our Sr. Credential Evaluators are members of AACRAO: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, American Association of University Professors (AAUP), European Association for International Education (EAIE), American Evaluation Association (AEA) and American Society for Quality Control (ASQ). Our reports have been used for USA/Canada immigration, education, employment, professional licensing, and teacher certification purposes.

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