Academic Equivalency Evaluations (Foreign Education Equivalency): H1b Visa, Greencard

Academic Equivalency Evaluations, evaluate the foreign educational credentials of the candidate. Our evaluation reports details the education obtained at an accredited or recognized institution in the foreign country and its equivalency in United States of America. by assessing the level of education and number of years of study completed, as well as the field of specialization. Every evaluation includes essential information required by USCIS, such as the name and location of the institution, the degree earned, and the date of qualification. Upon request, specific coursework completed by a candidate can also be referenced in an evaluation report. Our equivalencies range from high school diplomas to Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Our assessment methodology aims to make assessment procedures credible, consistent and clear and to ensure all applicants receive a fair consideration of their request for equivalency evaluation.

Our evaluations are based on standards and practices recommended by the National Council for the Evaluation of Foreign Credentials (CEC) and UNESCO recommendations and guidelines. We maintain a comprehensive library of materials associated with the evaluation of foreign and domestic credentials. Each evaluation goes through comprehensive FIVE steps of assessment:

  • Authenticity Review
  • Translation Review
  • Recognition Status of University or Institution or Degree granting authority
  • Description of Educational Program, and finally
  • Equivalency educational determination in USA

WG Evaluations Offers detailed evaluations in response to queries from USCIS about a beneficiary’s academic credentials. We have helped our clients in handling complex issues related to college entry requirements, laddering systems, accreditation, and advanced standing, and can help clients resolve misinterpretations of data in the AACRAO Edge database by USCIS.

  • Copies of Diploma
  • Bachelors
  • Masters Transcripts and Certificates
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