Step 1

Fill out an application form

Step 2

Our representative will contact you to collect and verify the documents and send you the Payment Link.

Step 3

Once you receive an email from our representative (please be sure to check your spam folder as well!), please respond with the completed payment form, or, if we requested additional documentation, please provide the additions items.

Step 4

Please allow for the full processing time to pass before you follow up on your evaluation, e.g. if you select standard 7 business day service, please wait until the end of the 7th business day before calling or sending a follow up email. Following up before the processing time you selected may result in a delay of your evaluation during times of high volume. Keep in mind that processing times start when payment completed, and all the documents were received.

Step 5

Review your evaluation when it is emailed to you. Our team of reviewers ensures that we have a very low error rate, but typographical errors can occur. If you feel that an amendment may be required, please respond to the email with your comments and we will address them as soon as possible. If a change is needed because you did not submit all pertinent documents, or did not provide relevant information, an amendment will be charged and will have to wait for the standard period of time.

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