Speciality Occupation Expert Opinion Letter (H1b Visa):

The main purpose of a specialty occupation letter is to determine whether a particular position qualifies as a specialty occupation in connection with an immigration petition. Our Expert letters provide a detailed explanation of the educational background necessary to perform a position’s specialized duties. When performing an evaluation of a professional position, our experts analyze the nature of the company and its industry, the position in the context of the company, and the background required for the position as determined by the industry.

Taking into consideration the job duties required of the candidate, a specialty occupation letter clearly demonstrates that the proffered position is a specialty occupation requiring expertise in a particular field. Depending on the specific requirements of a case, our specialty occupation letters crafted to explain why a candidate’s particular background is relevant to the position at hand.

Our clients often use Expert Opinion Letter (Specialty Occupation) Evaluations in response to USCIS Requests for Evidence that challenge whether petitions for H-1B visas Qualify "specialty occupations."

Expert opinion letters plays an important part of an immigration application for a variety of immigration-related purposes, including initial visa petitions, responses to requests for evidence (RFEs), denial appeals, and audit responses. We provides detailed Expert Opinion Letter from Industry reputed professors who has done more than 30000 Evaluations and has done extreme research in the field of Computer Information Systems, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Business Administration and diverse fields.

Our Professors who has the authority to assess, evaluate, and grant College level credits for educational credentials, professional certifications, training and experience, not only evaluate the Position, but include the Education and Work Experience Evaluations in our Expert Opinion Letters.

With an experienced network of university professors, our case managers are always available to work with you to determine the type of expert opinion letter you need for your case, and we can always provide free preliminary assessments. We are also willing to discuss your case with you in detail because we are committed to helping our clients win their cases.

  • Detailed Job Duties
  • Resume
  • Consolidated Mark lists/Certificates (Bachelors/Masters/Diploma)
  • RFE COPY (if at RFE Stage)
  • LCA Copy
  • Experience Letters
  • Support Letter
  • Background of the Company

We also Offer:

  • Telephone Discussion with the Expert
  • Video Conferencing “Virtual Site Visit” with the Expert
  • Expert On-Site Visit
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